Book Review - 'Host' by Robin Cook

For someone who has a very short attention span, Robin Cook’s book Host managed to keep me hooked till the last line. A fantastic thriller with a unique perspective, Host is packed with every emotion. Through the story of young almost doctors, Lynn and Michael, Cook brings out a dark could be reality of pharmaceutical industry that prioritises profit over ethics, one that cannot be easily dismissed. The novel is written with cautious descriptions that plays with the imagination of the reader. It almost feels like we’re living the characters and their emotions . For someone who loves TV shows like Orphan Black, this is just the perfect book. The author does not shy away from going into dark scenes almost unexpectedly and forcing the reader to desperately try somehow to let the protagonists know what is about to happen. Above all Host is a testament of emotional endurance that we as humans exhibit. A thriller to remember, Host is un doubtfully top of the class and a must read (albeit not before a hospital visit).